How to Make Your Son or Daughter Smile in Photos! - Paris France Family Photographer

How sweet is this little monkey!? He totally melted my heart with his little giggles and sweet smiles... and his parents were totally awesome too!

Playing with babies is definitely one of my favorite parts of being a photographer! It's how you get the natural smiles and laughs, running around, tickeling, making silly noises.. they love that! So next time you're trying to get your little guy to smile, don't say "smile" or "look at me!", instead, fake sneeze or run up to him making kissie noises and I PROMISE he will love it and you'll get a nice big smile! (Other tricks that work: tickle attacks, peekaboo, smiling/laughing at him!)

It's actually pretty funny, a lot of the time it's the parents who are laughing too! Happy shooting! x