Jeni + Tim Paris, France Eiffel Tower Vow Renewal

I've tried and tried to write about Jeni and Tim. It's hard! I've documented and witnessed such an intimate part of their love story that I always seem to get choked whenever I start trying to write. So, take 7? 

I think I need to share some of her words as well, she says it best: 

"Christmas Eve 1994 was the beginning of the best adventure ever! That was the day I married the most amazing man in the universe. I knew from the beginning that he was something special, but I wasn't prepared for how amazing my life has been with him. We started off blending families and have been building a love story that surpasses the likes of The Notebook, Notting Hill, etc. laughing and crying all the way.

So, we didn’t have a honeymoon, per say. Tim (that’s the hubby) says we’re always on our honeymoon…. I think he’s full of it…..really, not really.

...We finally had our honeymoon in September of this year. It was an absolute blast!!!! I will forever be in love with Paris, France. On Wednesday, September 24th 2014, we woke up very early! Before the crack of dawn, as a matter of fact, and took a taxi to the top of the Trocadero. That is where the fabulous New Yorker turned Parisian photographer, Katie Donnelly captured us so perfectly. We walked to the Eiffel Tower and the Champ de Mars and renewed our wedding vows, just the two of us. It was magical! I cried, he cried…Katie may have even shed a tear or two."

What I loved most about Jeni and Tim was the effortless natural warm feeling you get when you are with them. It's like a big hug when they start talking. There is so much love, admiration and respect for each other that radiates out of each word, story and movement that they share. Thinking back to the day of their vow renewal, right under the Eiffel Tower, I remember thinking "THAT, is love in its rawest form." Hearing them share their beautiful words and vows, seeing them have a moment in time where it was just them, frozen, reflecting on the past and what's to come, was something that I will never ever forget. 

I really believe that people come into your life for a reason, they teach you lessons, bring you joy, and bring you happiness... I'm sure that I met Jeni and Tim to teach me about love.  I'd like to call it the old olive tree kind of love, the kind that you don't easily come across as it takes years and years to mature. There are so many branches of memories and experiences that tie them together, so much fruit that they've selflessly given to others with still much more to give. Beautiful and unique. 

To 20 more years.. And many many after that.. Wishing you nothing but the best J&T.

Love, Katie