Little Josephine and her adventures in the Luxembourg Gardens

My mom always tells me that I have love affairs with my clients. She's the one who I tell all about my sessions and the different families and couples that I work with. Often she hears a lot about the same clients because they booked their second or third shoot with me or their engagement session and then their wedding. However, she does have a point.. With my repeat clients I have a bigger connection with their families and kids because I have the pleasure of being there for their big moments; first days, first baby teeth, first kiss as husband and wife.

WIth this little family I feel the same. Photographing little J in her first few months of life and then at six months is so cool for me. A few months after this session, I photographed her again at 9 months! Talk about photo fever. She's really just way too cute not to make any excuse an excuse for a photo session!

Well here she is, adorable as ever! Little J and her awesome parents: