Beautiful Coffee Shop Maternity Photo Session in the Marais, Photographe Grossesse Paris

One rainy Wednesday morning I had the pleasure of meeting Rashika and Amit, two honorary Americans/Californians taking their last opportunity to travel overseas before baby!

Originally from India they spent their last ten years studying and working in the USA. While they were dating at one point across the country from each other they decided instead of visiting each others cities that they would pick a new city in the USA that they hadn't discovered yet and meet there.

Getting to know each other even better and taking in every bit of the American culture they fell in love and got married. Following their passion for travel they've since continued their USA tour and added dozens of countries to the "been there" list.

Spending the last few days in Paris with friends before it's recommended not to fly for Rishika and their coming baby girl, they decided to document their special "baby moon" with photographs.

When I first received her email I immediately saw her personality shining through and could not wait to meet the two of them in person! Spending the morning with them was so calm and natural, like friends catching up after a long time apart. They were so happy to try anything and go anywhere, they loved just being together and enjoying the time.

At the end we decided to stop at Loustic, one of my all time favorite coffee shops in Paris. The owner welcomed up warmly and we sat and chatted over some delicious coffee and chai tea. I'm so happy to have gotten the opportunity to play a little role in documenting this incredible time in their lives. I sincerely hope this is the first of many meetings with these two! Rashika and Amit, you two make my job easy, and the world a more beautiful place. Xox