Recently, Paris has been up and down weather wise. Unlike North America, we haven't gotten a polar vortex nor even polar anything for that matter. Paris has been a balmy 40-50 degrees with the occasional 30, sometimes rainy, but with the sun peeping its golden head out more often than not.  Since December the weather here has been a whole lot of something that I wouldn't consider winter. Yes, France has had its batch of crazy weather with huge flooding of entire cities on it’s western coast and enormous snowfalls in the mountains however my only glimpse of this surprise “winter” has been on the news.


After last winter I was mentally and physically preparing myself for this one. With eternal gray skies and endless rain it wasn't surprising at all to find grumpy people on the streets. Without vitamin d, the road to happiness is definitely the one less traveled over here.

With this winter there have been other beautiful surprises too, many of which for me, include photography. New clients with new little babies, recent engagements... People who I've never met calling me saying things like "highly recommended" and "you're definitely the photographer for us". I'm sorry, what!? How did this new year come with so many new blessings when I thought last year was the "big year"... From an early age our parents teach us how to be grateful, I think that this year has brought me even deeper into the definition and understanding of it.

In photo school they always told us that luck doesn't just happen, you have to be ready for it. Well, I'm ready, and excited. Bring it on 2014, year of the surprise!