Ideas for mothers day gifts - mama-daughter photos

In honor of mama's day (tomorrow!!!) I wanted to share this super special session I had with the gorgeous and creative mama-daughter team from Cyd's Gourmet Kitchen. They came to Paris as part of a euro-foodie trip together and we ate our way through their late afternoon photo session! (with of course stops in between cafes in the Archives Nationales because it's so beautiful in there!)  They were SO totally sweet and following along on their facebook page makes me drool with hunger.

All of my earliest childhood memories are with my mom, and now being so far away from eachother, I always have photos up of us to keep her with me. Photos, I really believe, are one of the best things you could give and receive. Memories and moments captured, enjoying life together.. I love documenting that and having it later to look back on!

If you're looking for a good present, LOOK NO FURTHER! Seriously, have a photo session with your mom, or gift your wife a couples photo session of you two! It's fun and so so SO worth it! And besides, photos last longer than flowers =]