My Favorite Design Studio - Saevil Row II Paris Lifestyle Photographer

I'm someone who feels a situation out before I commit to anything. A relationship, a restaurant, a city.. I work on emotions for my final decisions. If it's yes, it should be a hell yes! If it's a meh, I don't go with it.

For my business I work with people who I like personally and who I know are technically sound, creatively passionate and reliable. I like both people who think like me and people who don't. I want people in my life who can change my mind, broaden my horizons and inspire me.

That's who I am.

Rachelle of Saevil Row and I became friends quickly and with certainty. She's sweet and sarcastic, has a specific tastes in style and life, is passionate about design, passionate about her relationships and is dependable. She's a dream chaser. An onion of layers of kindness, integrity and taste.

Recently she launched her new design studio website, Saevil Row, and I had the ultimate pleasure of photographing it and her.

She also has a gorgeous petit print shop with 8x10 prints for sale to decorate your home.

My favorite? "Cultivate Kindness"

My print is front in center in my living room, reminding me every day to do just that!

Recently, she also redid my logo and I'm ecstatic! (You can see it at the top of the page) It's perfect. Full of life, modern, with bright warm colors and absolutely what I was hoping for but would never have dreamed of! I can't put into words how happy it makes me to see it throughout my website and branding. It makes me even happier knowing that I'm supporting such a good person and passionate designer. I can't recommend her enough.

You can see her website here if you'd like to take a look through some of the photos we did and through the beautiful work she's done in the past: