Jackie & Mark's Engagement amongst the Flowers in Paris

The first time I met Jackie and Mark it was at one of my favorite Paris cafés called La Favorite in the Marais. I met them, Marks sister Anne Marie and her fiance Mark at the same time. I was to photograph the engagement sessions for both couples and was thrilled!  Jackie and Mark were a little more reserved than AM and M so I was really looking lo forward to having some time with just the two of them to get to know each other a bit better! Turns out, they are awesome. The seemed like such an adventurous couple, super sporty and active and really down for anything.

They absolutely loved the Luxembourg gardens as well as the Notre Dame area so we decided to make the two areas our destinations! We got there just after sunrise with the city to ourselves and made our first stop the banks of the seine. From there we continued on to a little park by Notre Dame and then to the gorgeous Luxembourg gardens where the light filtering in behind the trees was heavenly. Enjoy!