The Authentic Portrait: A Parent's Guide to Documenting Childhood EBOOK


The Authentic Portrait: A Parent's Guide to Documenting Childhood EBOOK

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This simple, fun to read digital book will give you:

  • Confidence using your camera (that big fancy one, OR even your iPhone!) so that you don’t have to wonder why they’re blurry or don’t look like your kids!

  • The knowledge and know how to take GREAT photos of your kiddos so those little moments don’t get lost in time

  • Guidance in how to better document your child's everyday

  • Recommendations on where to print and how to organize your photos!

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Who is The Authentic Portrait: A Parent’s Guide to Documenting Childhood (TAP) good for?

This book is good for anyone with an interest in photographing their daily lives, their vacations and the awesome people they love. It’s written in an easy and fun way and is your effortless path through the simple fundamentals. TAP is perfect for moms, dads, working creatives trying to up their photography and social media game, and everyday family people who like to document their life highlights. 


Why should I buy The Authentic Portrait: A Parent’s Guide to Documenting Childhood?

It’s an easy-to-read cure-all for anyone wanting to bring their photos from ok to great! This book was created to give you the basics of photography and confidence outside of AUTO mode, teaching a world of simple yet effective lighting hacks and photographer-tested tricks to getting kids to cooperate. 


How long is this ebook?

49 Pages. It’s a perfect addition to your iPad reading list. You can pick it up and put it down at any time without feeling like you left in the middle. It’s perfect for reading during a few stolen minutes or that lucky blue-moon morning when everyone but you sleeps in. 


What the heck is an ebook?

An ebook is a book that’s supplied digitally and read on your digital devices like iPhones, iPads, computers and Kindles. The perks of reading ebooks is that they’re on devices that you'd normally bring around with you anyway so there’s no need to put one more thing into your already heavy bags. AND they are environmentally friendly! (You tree lover, you!)


How is the book structured?

There are four distinct parts:

1.The technical parts of getting out of AUTO mode and using your camera’s full and amazing capabilities.

2. Lighting.

3. Working with people (especially kids).

4. Printing/organizing your photos (so they don’t just lay on your computer until one day it crashes and you lose all your memories. {Please touch wood!!}).


What kind of camera and equipment do you need?

To take advantage of the first chapter on shooting out of auto mode, you’ll need a camera where you can change to manual settings. Most cameras can do this, any camera with interchangeable lenses can definitely do this! If you’re not interested in that part anyway, the lighting and working with people sections apply to any camera (even iPhone!).


What am I going to get from this book?

Confidence to take your photos to the next level, serenity knowing that you won’t be missing out on your kid’s childhood, and LOTS of extra likes and comments on your social media accounts because of your gorgeous photos. Other possible side effects: increased happiness, never ever saying cheese again as a photo prompt, impressing house-guests on your fabulous family art hanging in the house, and your kids starting to LOVE taking photos. 


Will I get critiques/feedback?

Yes! You are ALWAYS welcome to email me or hashtag #TheAuthenticPortrait in instagram posts if you’d like feedback on your newly fabulous photos. You can email me at Don’t forget to attach your photos! 


What if I have questions?

Send me an email. I’m here to help with anything you need (pertaining to the book of course. Don’t ask me for a joke--I’ll just send you here




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