What if family + Engagement PORTRAITS were fun?

(giggles and 'this was a great idea!' Comments included)

Stay with me now. 

What if, during your portrait session you did stuff that you LOVE?

Like picnicking in front of the Eiffel Tower, baking cupcakes on a Saturday afternoon, or exploring a new city...

It's time to give the 80s back their classic version of the awkward family portrait with everyone attempting to smile (you know the ones I'm talking about). 

WE make art where you are the feature story.

We believe that family portraits don't belong lost on a hard drive.

They belong displayed over the mantle or in a beautiful handmade album so both today and 20 years down the road, your family knows the kind of love they come from. 



"Hi Katie

The albums are so gorgeous! Everyone at Emerson's graduation party was raving over how beautiful they are. The albums are very impressive. I am so glad that we configured the images into 2 books.

I am elated that we had you take our pictures in Paris, it is a memory that I will cherish forever, and now we have wonderful albums to help us commemorate those moments.

Thank you so much!

- Sharon"

Your 3 Easy Steps to celebrate your family with portraits:


STEP 1. Get in touch and reserve your time

Email us, call us, submit a message through our contact form, whatever's easiest. We want to be sure that we're a perfect fit! 

Email: katie@katiedonnellyphotography.com

Phone: +33 6 95 84 36 46



Before your session we send over recommendations for hair and makeup artists, what to wear, and prep guides (sent via email) to make sure that you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable being yourself.

We LOVE collaborating with you on Pinterest! Make a create a board of inspiration photos from our boards, blog and your own inspiration and invite us to it! Find us on Pinterest by searching Katie Donnelly Paris Family Photographer or by clicking here

Paris Family Photographer Katie Donnelly

Some Paris + NYC neighborhoods we absolutely LOVE to photograph in are: 

For a iconic Paris feel for your photo session, we recommend the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame.

For a local Paris feel for your photo session, we recommend the Jardin du Luxembourg, Palais Royal, Montmartre, and Ile de la Cité/Pont Neuf

For a classic NYC feel for your NYC photo session, we recommend Central Park or Washington Square

For a more local NYC feel for your NYC photo session, we recommend the Highline, Park Slope, West Village, and Chelsea Market!


STEP 3: ORDER YOUR FAMILY Portraits at our central paris office

Your kid shouldn't grow up to be a jpeg. We'll have you into our office after your session to view and order your portraits. 

Laughter, occasional happy tears, and good coffee included.

Everything is then shipped to your door wherever you are in the world, and shipping is on us. 

Even better? Social media files are included in whatever you purchase.



Our Artisan Collection:

2, 20x24in portraits + 1, 24x24in portrait

Framed or in Gallery Canvas

2250e (Total value 3750e)

***Includes surprise 1500e BONUS if ordered during your viewing)***


"Hey Katie!! I got the album last Thursday and I haven't even gotten a chance to write to you because I've been too busy showing it to friends and family! Thank you so much :). Saying that I loved it is an understatement. You did and amazing job on it and you're an incredible photographer! You helped me keep the memory of my trip in a beautiful way.




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A bit more on The KDP Style...


Katie Donnelly, Founder of KDP

Katie Donnelly, Founder of KDP

Happy. Emotional. Natural. Authentic. Posed. Not posed. Fun. Light. Energetic. Sweet. Giggly. Stress-free. Family. Confident. Stylish. Glowing. 


During your photo session, above all, we should have fun. If you're having fun and I'm having fun, we can get photos with lots of emotion, lots of laughter, REAL expressions and of course tons of creativity.


I want your real personality. If you're more quiet, or loud, or a joker, or calm, or crazy… be THAT. Each session is different because you are unique! Don't be afraid because you see some people jumping or kissing in our photos and that's not you. It's okay! That was THEM. We want to celebrate who you are. 


I'm a chatterbox. I ask tons of questions and always have something to say. During photo sessions half the time I'm making (bad) jokes or comparing recent travels with our clients. It always seems like we have a ton in common: travel, food, movies, funny stories, art. There is never a dull moment. 


You've got kids? Bring them! I absolutely LOVE kids. Even the crazy ones!  Kids are effortlessly weird and that's AWESOME. There's no hiding what they want to do and when they want to do it. It brings a whole new dimension to the session. PS. Who doesn't love playing with bubbles and running around having pretend sword fights?

If I'm your kind of girl and you're looking for a high end experienced photographer to capture the personality of your family, love, or BUSINESS (We do work with businesses!) go ahead and drop me a line at katie@katiedonnellyphotography.com ... I can't wait to hear from you!

One last thing, Je parle Français couramment aussi alors n’hésitez pas à me contacter pour votre séance photo de famille, de bébé ou de votre business!