Ben + Trena Engagement, Central Park, NYC

Central Park Engagement photo session

So you want an engagement session!

First off, congratulations!!! I know what it's like to be newly engaged and to feel all of the magic. Nothing tops that cloud-nine feeling. (Except maybe actually walking down the aisle but I haven't done that yet so I wouldn't know!)

So now you want photos to celebrate this fleeting time, buuuuuut you probably haven't done photos before. Other than awkward school photos and really, I don't count those. (Especially when you're like 6-year-old me and give yourself a hair hack job the day before for no reason. No one wants photographic evidence of that.... other than for blackmail.) That's why my photo sessions are the anti-awkward. My clients aren't models and most of the time, they become friends. During your session we'll always be talking, joking around, chatting about new food joints and recent travels.

It's easy.



I want to have fun with you guys because that is when I'll get your true personality. The real you. Let's head to your favorite spots around the world, bring along your doggies, like Ben and Trena did above and make you some art.  Get in touch!


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