How DOes a portrait session with KDP work?

Our legacy portrait sessions are simple and straightforward, but most importantly, we've created them so that at the end of this whole experience, you have a beautiful family heirloom for your home.

Family portraits don't belong lost on a hard drive.

They belong on your walls or in a gorgeous museum quality album so even 100 years down the road, your children's grand-babies can oogle at how in love you are. 

Scroll down to see how KDP sessions work!


STEP 1: Get in touch

Email us, call us, submit a message through our contact form, whatever's easiest. We want to be sure that we're a perfect fit! 


Phone: +33 6 95 84 36 46


STEP 2: Choose the amount of time + Schedule Session

We book our sessions hourly and mainly in the AM. We like working with the sunrise so you have GORGEOUS light for your portraits, and not so many people in the background. 

1 hr = 1 neighborhood

2 hrs = 2 neighborhoods

3 hrs = 3 neighborhoods

To schedule your session, we'll confirm the date, number of hours you'd like, and start time. Once we have that you'll be prompted to pay the creative fee and answer a few pre-session questions (takes about 30 seconds). As soon as we have those questions and payment, YOU'RE IN! 


STEP 3: Have the best portrait session ever

It's not for nothing that our clients become friends and that we consider you part of the KDP family. You're going to have a high-end experience with lots of laughs, and a totally relaxed feel. We are talkative people so get ready for us to ask you all sorts of questions, talk about travel, food, life, kids.. all the good stuff. We want to be sure that your portraits are incredible, so that we can bring them to life by making you one-of-a-kind family heirlooms. 

Before your session we have lots of recommendations for hair and makeup artists, and prep guides (sent via email) including a what to wear guide to make sure that your session is fantastic and that you feel confident, beautiful, and comfortable being yourself. 


STEP 4: Order your family heirlooms

We are portrait artists, our job isn't done until you have a gorgeous piece of art for your walls or an album to pass down through generations as as family heirloom. We'll have you come into the KDP office after your session (usually later that day or the next convenient time for you) to view your portraits and order. If you're not available to come in because of time constraints, we'll give you an online gallery to view and order from. 

At the time of your viewing, you can order your beautiful portraits printed on archival papers, in museum quality, archival legacy albums, and fine art canvases. Digital files are also available for purchase, and included in some of our packages. 

All orders are either shipped to you worldwide or can be picked up in the Paris studio. 



Congratulations on your gorgeous new family heirlooms! Let love fill you up and make your insides feel like rainbows each time you look at your family portraits. 

Still not sure about us?

That's okay, we want to be a 100% perfect fit! (kind of like champagne and Tuesday nights, or baby giggles and peek-a-boo) 

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