#TheAuthenticPortrait - Photography tips and a community for all

Now launching #TheAuthenticPortrait series on here on the blog and instagram!! It's been in the works for months and I'm so crazy excited about it for you guys!


Well, awesome-person, #TheAuthenticPortrait is a blog series of photography tips to help you improve your photography by taking more REAL (authentic!) photos! There will be shooting tips, camera tips and tips on capturing the RIGHT moments.

THEN, after you have all of this info, you can go out, shoot while applying the tip, and share your photos with #TheAuthenticPortrait community over on instagram.

Hey Katie, why do you care about sharing photography tips with us? Well, beautiful-person, I think everyone can make art and should be documenting their life some how. For me, it's through photography. Also, I LOVE photography and I love people, and you deserve to know the "secrets".

JOIN ME ON INSTAGRAM, I'LL BE POSTING THE FIRST TIP LATER TODAY! SHARE YOUR PHOTOS USING THE TIP BY HASHTAGGING #TheAuthenticPortrait. I'll be going through them and sharing some of my favorites on my instagram!