Stop Itchy Pregnancy Belly! Three Easy, Natural and Quick tips to Prevent and Relieve Itchiness

Since my belly started stretching at around 20 weeks into this pregnancy I’ve had seriously itchy belly (especially around where my belly piercing was!). Seeing that it was/is winter, my skin was super dry already — I needed to nourish it any way I could. Here is what I’ve used to survive those crazy itchy belly spells. These are all totally personal remedies and not medical advice. Please be sure to consult your doctor for any medical questions!

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For INSTANT relief:

  1. Olive Oil — I discovered this when I was working at the studio one day and had no cream, my belly was all of a sudden SO itchy I could have screamed. I was literally ready to put butter on it (though that grossed me out, ha!) and I saw my saving grace on the kitchen counter — extra virgin olive oil. I figured since people use coconut oil on their skin why couldn’t I use olive oil to help my poor itchy pregnant belly. Holy relief Batman! It’s such a thick oil it instantly soothed my skin and created a layer of hydration that lasted for hours. Strangely enough, I also saw my skin tone even out after I started using it! 

    PROS: If you get the extra virgin kind, it’s already cold pressed, made without preservatives, you can easily buy organic, and it’s so much less expensive than the special belly creams. Personally, it works better for me. It even cleared up a little rash I had on my upper chest overnight. That was something that creams (prescribed and over the counter) couldn’t do and my handy dandy EVOO seemed to take on with ease. After doing some research I’ve also discovered that it’s lipid restoring which is important when your skin is stretching so quickly.

    CONS: You smell like a salad (though, that could be a pro?). You have to really rub it in, all over, in a circular motion and then let it soak in, otherwise you’ll get oil on your clothes which isn’t fun!

    VERDICT: I use olive oil every day now on my belly after I get out of the shower in the morning and before I go to bed at night. I use it during the day if my belly starts itching too. 



  1. Drink tons of water: This is an obvious one, but if you’re not drinking enough water your skin isn’t getting the hydration it needs. Dry skin means itchy skin! Drink water whenever you can — I bring a water bottle with me wherever I go. I love this one. Make it easy on yourself to drink enough water: whenever you feel hungry, before you eat, just have a small glass of water to quench your thirst. I’ve replaced all of my liquids except “treat” drinks that I super crave (coffee and ginger ale) with filtered water. It’s really healthy, and keeps me hydrated. I’ve also found that when I’m dehydrated I’m especially sluggish, so water has also helped with my crazy pregnancy fatigue, too! 

  2. Collagen powder/pills — this basically hits your skin from the inside, and helps with elasticity. Personally, I prefer the pills to the powder as they have no taste, but I do put the powder in smoothies to get a little extra boost. This is more of a long term idea, but I definitely feel and see a difference in my skin when I take them versus not! I read about this on blogs, saying that it helps prevent stretch marks. I have no idea if it’s true as I haven’t gotten any, but my pregnancy isn’t over yet... however, it has helped with my itchy belly! 

So there you have it! My 3 favorite easy itchy belly remedies. For fast relief break out that olive oil, for long term care, hydrate with water ALL DAY, and try collagen pills! 


  1. I’ve switched my shower gel to shower oil. I absolutely LOVE this one, and it’s pregnancy and baby safe.

  2. I also can’t rave enough about the Sugar Momma body scrubs! It’s made with natural oils and sugar. I went through a massive tub of it in less than a MONTH! I loved it so much. It’s called Sugar Momma Scrubs and you can get them HERE.