Photography Tip: The Rule of Thirds || The Authentic Portrait

Want easy ways to make your photos better? Try upping the game on your composition. Read my first blog about it next! 

One of the most common composition methods to start using is the rule of thirds.

The rule of thirds is when you divide the image up into thirds both vertically and horizontally using two lines, for a more interesting photograph.

Instead of plopping your subject riiigghhttt in the middle for every photo, try putting the most interesting parts of your photograph on the little intersecting lines after figuratively cutting the photo up into the 9 sections. 

1/1600 sec at f / 1.8, ISO 200

1/1600 sec at f / 1.8, ISO 200

Most cameras out there (iPhone included) have an ability to overlay a grid to make the rule of thirds easier. Try it out for yourself!

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Try out the grid and let's see how the photos turn out! Share them with me over on Instagram in #TheAuthenticPortrait series, a series for learning and growing in photography.  Don’t forget to tag your photos with #TheAuthenticPortrait!