THIS is what’s missing in your photos (And the reason why your 2yr old sometimes looks more evil than angelic)

Ever take a photo of someone and although it’s cute, it’s missing some ‘life’? It’s hard to describe, but that sparkle just isn’t there. All of a sudden you’re adorable little angel all of a sudden doesn’t look as angelic! (And we can’t have that!)

So what’s missing?


What the hell are catchlights, Katie? 

A catchlight is the reflection of your light source (a window, the sun, the soft blue glow of your iPad) in your subject’s eyes. And catchlights make the eyes brighten up and come alive! It’s one of the super duper easy quick fixes for getting better portraits. 

Like this little muffin! (Side note: How cute is she!?) 

Do you see the reflections of light in this little bunny's eyes? They sparkle and light up and all of a sudden, BOOM!!! Life and joy and daddy kisses can be felt when you look at this photo.

So, to be sure that you’re getting catchlights in your portraits, make sure that there is some sort of light illuminating your subject’s face and catching their eyes. This could be the reflection of the sun on the playground gravel or the window light flowing through your sheer curtains. Whatever it is, use it!

So go out and try it for yourself! Next time you whip your iPhone out for a quick pic, make sure there’s some light bouncing around giving your photograph the life and joy it deserves…. And then share it with me over on Instagram! I’m starting a series on Instagram called #TheAuthenticPortrait where we can all learn photography and grow with each other! This week we’re going to be posting all gorgeous photos with catchlights so come join me and don’t forget to tag your photos with #TheAuthenticPortrait!