Photography Tip: Indoor Lighting (instant lighting hack inside!) || The Authentic Portrait

Lighting is tricky. Indoor, it’s even trickier. One of my BIGGEST lighting hacks I always use when I’m photographing indoors is to look for natural reflectors, like a big white wall. The light will then bounce into the wall and back toward my subject illuminating her beautiful little face. Like this photo below,  there’s a white wall just to her left, it’s helping to bounce light back into her and to balance out the strong window light coming in from behind her. 


BOOM. Easy. Your turn!

This is just one of the solid, easy to implement tips and tricks for photographing kids that I talk about in The Authentic Portrait: A Parent’s guide to Documenting Childhood, an ebook perfect for parents who want to learn the basics of photography and improve their photos without spending hours and hours taking classes. Find out more here!

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