Do you see what I see? || Paris Photographer

When I my Frenchman and I go on day-dates I often bring my film camera. I like being limited to one lens, 24 shots and one film speed. Boundaries enhance my creativity, make me work more intentionally, and film in general slows me down. In one shot it has to be right, and no sneak peeks either. 

It's a game of "get it right and move on". 

Often, I give PYK a few minutes of camera time. It gives me a peek into what HE sees and thinks it's interesting. 

Whenever I get my film scans back, I automatically know whose photos are whose. I know how I like to frame my photos and see the difference immediately. 

Even with the same settings and environment. 

That's the beauty of photography- you DON'T see what I see and I don't see what you see. 

But we can show each other, bring in different perspectives, enrich our lives with a new view. 

This weekend, hand someone else the camera for ten minutes. BE in some photos for once. Get a different perspective. 

Even better, if your child is old enough, give them the camera. See their view of the world.  

All photos shot in London on film.