Paris Family Photographer II The Mathiot Family!

One of the (many) things that I adore about Paris is the enormity of charming places to have your "rendez-vous" with clients. Many times I meet my clients before the session in person but occasionally I get to play the exciting guessing game of "who's my client" if I've never seen photos of them prior to our shoot. If I'm too early or if my clients are running late it tends to get a little ridiculous in my head. All of a sudden I'm expecting them to show up with 12 kids instead of 2 (did I read the email wrong?!!!) or I'm making awkward eye contact and smiling at every couple who walks into the cafe...  usual stuff that definitely runs through sane peoples minds right?

Well my first meeting with Sophia and her super star parents was at a little cafe JUST next to the Trocadero with the most stunning view of Eiffel's iron lady (That's the Eiffel Tower for those who don't speak Katie). Needless to say, we completely skipped over the awkward meeting, as it was god knows what hour of the morning that I suggested we have our session to catch the sunrise and the cafe was empty, and they went straight into offering me a hot chocolate and some steaming buttery croissant that they were snacking on. Talk about the way to a girls heart! 

SO all of that to say that these guys are cool. Not the "hipster" cool but more like the cultured-smart-happy-totally-in-love-and-managed-to-look-wide-awake-with-a-baby-less-than-a-year-old kind of cool. Did I say already that my clients are awesome? Because they are.

I try and envision myself, one day when I have my own little minions who look like me, being as calm as my clients. I know it won't be the case. I'm going to be the mom that forgets to mascara the other eye and who's kid's wearing two different socks. There's just no escaping it. I have my mothers brain in which multitasking without a written list at hand just isn't a strong point.. (Sorry mom, you're my angel, you know that, however, ya gotta call a horse a horse and we're for sure of the same breed.)  However, it's mornings like those that give me confidence in my future self, if they can do it why can't I right? I guess we'll have to wait a few years and see. In the mean time I'll have to deal with playing with my clients adorable kiddies and researching how to grow an extra brain.

Well ladies and gentlemen, enough about me, here's what you really came to see, the highly anticipated Mathiot Family!