What to do in Paris With Teenagers II Paris Family Photography Studio, Katie Donnelly Photography

Whenever we get requests for family photo sessions with teenagers it's always a nice surprise. Somewhere along the line (and I think this is just about the time where kids start talking back to their parents, ha!) families take fewer and fewer photos together. This one is at soccer practice, this one has piano, this one is sleeping over at her friend's house and all of a sudden you realize you haven't had the whole family around the dinner table since last Sunday.

Family vacations with teenagers, especially when you have multiple kids, are limited usually with the balancing act of schedules and who's going off to college. Having a photo session during them can be an amazing way to document such a fleeting time in your lives. 

I read a study once saying that children with family photographs hanging in their homes had a stronger sense of a family unit and felt more secure in their relationships. I truly believe this. Especially into the harder years of being a teenager and unsure of your place in the world, it's important to know your place at home is with your family. It's important to show that you've loved your kids from the time of being silly, cheeky, mischievous little shrimps to inquisitive, still silly, and intelligent adults. Even though they've changed and grown into their own beings, your love for them has only gotten more complex. 

So that said, number one on the KDP list of things to do in Paris with Teenagers is, you guessed it, Have a family photo session!

Here's a list of 5 ideas for Paris with teens:

  1. Family Vacation Photo Session. Get in touch here to book yours!
  2. Let them explore a smaller neighborhood, like the marais, or the latin quarter, on their own. Give a starting place (like a restaurant or central café like Shakespeare and Company Café) that you'll find each other afterward. A half hour or hour can be the perfect time to explore on their own. If you're nervous, stay and grab a coffee in the café so if they want to come back early, they'll know where to find you. 
  3. Shopping. Perfect areas for boutique shopping are in the Marais on Rue des Rosiers or by Saint Germain des Pres on Rue de Rennes. 
  4. Let them plan a day out of their own where you guys follow them. It's their vacation too!
  5. Picnic in a local garden like the Tuileries, the Jardin du Luxembourg, or Versailles. This is the perfect time to bring yummy cheeses, charcuterie and chips. It's a way that everyone can be happy, relax and enjoy the french culture through their amazing food. 

Enjoy Paris!