Notes From the Bride: Things That You THINK Matter on Your Wedding Day (But Don't), and What Really Matters

I stressed over so many SILLY things for our wedding. Literally, no one says to us "wow, I really loved your paper choice" they say "wow, we loved meeting your other friends and family during the wedding" or "We really loved your vows". So many things are secondary, keep that in mind when you're stressing about making 100 mojito popsicles for the big day like I did (ha!). 


What you think matters (t) VS What ACTUALLY matters (a):

T: How everyone thinks your dress looks


A: How YOU feel in your dress. If it's so heavy that you can't dance, or will get a back ache, maybe go with something lighter!



T: If your dress is from this boutique or is that brand

 A: How the style flatters you and makes you feel confident!


T: What the caterer is serving and if it's "classy" enough

A: If the is food actually GOOD and you have full confidence in your vendor. You don't want to be worrying about them on your wedding day. 


T: What  kind of paper the menus/Ceremony Booklets are printed on  

A: Creme vs white. Thick vs normal. No one will care except you. And I guarantee the day after your wedding you won't be thinking, wow, those menus looked great! Keep in mind that it's a detail. And in that, it shouldn't be a stresser. If you can get beautiful prints done without stress, fantastic, if you can't, no one will care.  


T: If your bridesmaids have matching shoes

 A: If your bridesmaids have been there to help support you throughout the engagement and wedding planning process


T: Where you go for your bachelorette party

A: How much fun you have during your bachelorette party. You don't need to go to the moon to have a great time with your best girlfriends. Keep it simple. 


T: If your bouquet ends up not having a certain flower in it that you wanted

A: If the arrangement is done tastefully.  Though in all honesty, remember, people aren't coming for the flowers. 


T: If your vows were perfect

 A: If they expressed your love and commitment to your person


T: Band or DJ

A: If there's great music whether it's from an iPod, a DJ, or a 28 piece orchestra


T: Gifts for your guests

A: HA! No one will take them, or remember them. They'll remember the great time they had at your wedding and the memories they made. Though people DO love going away with photos.. A great gift for family after is a print!!  


There are lots of little details to personalize your wedding but at the end of the day, the details aren't what matter. Your happiness is what matters. The best thing you can do is enjoy your day, enjoy the people around you, and enjoy the luck you have to have SO many people supporting your union and your love. THE BIGGEST THING THAT MATTERS ON YOUR DAY (besides you committing to a lifetime of union and love of course) IS YOU ENJOYING YOUR TIME WITH THE PEOPLE WHO ARE THERE. So please, don't stress about the little things, trust your vendors as they're the ones who will guide the day, get a good night's sleep the night before so you're well rested, and most of all, ENJOY YOUR WEDDING DAY. People are there because they love you and want to support you, not for the perfect cake.