Pam + Anthony: Sunny Winter Maternity Session in the 16eme Paris, France

Whenever I have a photo session I try to keep it super relaxed, more like hanging out with a friend than photo shooting really. I want to have a good time as much as my clients do and there's no other way to get great photos than to have everyone comfortable with each other. So, I usually ask about any prior photo sessions they've had and what their experiences have been. To be honest, it's always pretty funny hearing the amazing, the terrible and the laughable of past photo sessions. P&A had their engagement session in Paris before their wedding, not with me. And basically the photographer really wanted a kissing shot of them, they felt a bit awkward because after a while they were essentially giving a free show. Unfortunately, instead of the beautiful set of photos that they received afterwards (yes, they loved the photos!) their strongest memory was the photographer yelling at Anthony, "KEEP KISSING HER!!". Ha ha. I can still picture Anthony doing the photographers impression and cracking himself up.

So naturally anytime I wanted to make them laugh I just yelled at them to keep kissing, even if they weren't kissing at all. Anyways, it was a lesson for me I would say.. I can only imagine what my family clients tell their families after their photo sessions.. Haha It probably goes something like this: "that crazy Katie, it's like a 4 year old in a 23 year old's body!" Or better "She made kissie sounds to make my baby laugh but instead, we did!"

Anyways, Pam and Anthony, I cannot wait to meet your little baby when I'm back in New York! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy and I promise to never ask you to make out in front of me. Hugs.