Mama And Son Photo Session At The Palais Royal II Paris Family Photographer

I'm going to be totally honest here: sometimes, I create blog posts and don't post them until AGES after. I do it either because I'm swamped and forget to post them, or because it's no longer the right season and I really want to give good inspiration that's for each season!

THIS post is one that I put together last June. So little A, is now MUCH bigger (and we've had another gorgeous session since then) but the memories and cuteness are just TOO cute to not share. So here goes!

mother son family portraits Paris palais Royal_022.jpg

If you've been following KDP for a while you've seen these sweeties on the blog before. When little A was in P's belly, AND when he was first starting to walk in the Jardin du Luxembourg. What makes this session especially special is that it's just a mommy and me session. (I LOVE how P coordinated their outfits so he's like a mini-me.)

Little A was exactly how you'd expect any 1.5 year old to be.. running around, hyper, and TOTALLY on his own plan. When you're working with little kids like him, you need to figure out what HE wants to do and then have fun around that. He wanted to run, to see the ducks, to smell flowers.. so we did all that and made some beautiful portraits in the process! 

Afterwards, we made a little album, just for them documenting this special time. I know how special alone time is with your parents and this was especially fun to create something SO meaningful for now, and for many many years down the road.