Kendra + Jake: Styled Eiffel Tower Love Session

Kendra and Jake, with them, how do I even start? Actually, let me share my first "glimpse" into their relationship, through Kendra's words as I couldn't have done it better:

"My husband and I are... Structured free spirits. As funny as that sounds. My husband flies with the Navy and I do hair and makeup professionally. We love to have plans and then get lost trying to find them! My husband is a hopeless romantic and dances randomly and loves passionately. And I am so hopefully in love with him I'm blind to what is around me. He is constantly pulling me out of streets while I'm laughing at his jokes, and saving me from getting ran over.

My dream consists of this:
Romance in a café, Eiffel Views, And some free poses with lots of texture."

Every second we spent chatting about the session, (and then planning to go on a double date that night!) was so much fun. Both K+J were so open, so just happy to be there, so grateful of eachother, it really touched me. It's one of those Notebook kind of loves that really do exist...

On my list of places to go in the next 5 years is definitely Hawaii, even if it's just to have dinner with these two again!

If you're interested in getting in touch with Kendra for hair/makeup styling here's her info:

As you can probably tell already from the photos, she's the best.