How you can "Have it All" - Lifestyle Travel Photographer, Katie Donnelly

I often get friends and family telling me how wonderful it must be to travel, have your own business and do what you love everyday. They say I'm lucky. And it's true, I'm incredibly lucky.

 But you can only be lucky if you're ready for it.

You have to be ready for the hard work, to be zen when complications arrive, and eager to learn from both failures and successes. I consider myself a constant work in progress, to paint my soul it'll take a lifetime.

A lifetime of travel and work, of reading, of education, of dinner parties, of baby giggles, of rainy days, of road bumps, of moments of sadness and melancholy as well as moments of excitement and fearlessness. Right now, I do feel like I have it all and it's my own making. I work hard, I attempt to balance my life, see my family, eat healthy, go for runs.

I attempt.

I dare to take risks, I dare to speak my mind and to hold my head up when it's hardest. I dare to love fully and laugh loudly.

I dare.

To have it all is different for everyone, for some it's the simple wish of having a house and a garden where they can grow roses. For some it's the million dollar paycheck that they "think" will make them happy. For me, to have it all is to wake up happy and fulfilled. And you know what, every damn day I wake up with determination and drive for the day.

I'm in love with my job.

I'm in love with my life.


Why do people think that you have to be miserable and work 1000 hours a week to have a great life? Who said that giving up time with your family to work overtime was "normal". We need to redefine these norms. To have it all you need to define what all is.

So yes, according to me, I do have it all, because I'm happy and do things every day to keep it that way. Do I have days where that feel bland? Of course. But on those days I change up my coffee or find another destination to put on my travel list. I'll figure out a way to reinvent myself or donate to others less fortunate than I. I do things to salt, pepper and curry my life so bland days don't seem so bland anymore. It's time to stop this whole idea of happiness comes with money or success. It doesn't, money is just a tool to use to be more successful, it's not the reason for success nor the token to happiness. 

So what’s your all? What would make you wake up with drive every day? What are you good at? What do people appreciate you for? What makes your fire burn as bright as the sun? 

Figure it out and you can “Have it all” too.

Photos taken while visiting our friends for a weekend in Corsica, if you haven't been, go.

It's a little preview of the landscape of heaven.