Easy Peasy Prep For A Newborn Photo Shoot

You're just out of the hospital with about 4 hours of sleep in the last 3 days and the only thing you can think about is how amazing your bed at home will be. 

Yah, photos are about the last thing on your radar. Right?

ESPECIALLY prepping for a photo session.. I mean what do you even DO?

Even if it seems like just another thing on the “When the Baby Comes” to-do list, I promise you, having a newborn photo session is essential. Those first few weeks of your child's life go by in a haze of adapting, changing diapers, bottles of milk and cat-naps. How will you ever remember how small your little girl was, and that she came out with a full head of jet black hair? Or what about the little hungry faces she made (along with the occasionnal silly smile)?

There are so many tiny details that unfortunately we forget and your old way out?

Document them. 

Lucky for you, it's easy to plan for a newborn photo session.

Here are a few REALLY simple things that can be done in two minutes to prep for a fabulous photo shoot:

1. If you’re breast feeding, avoid any foods with A LOT of fiber or spice the day before and day of the photo session. If the baby has gas or tummy aches it’s going to be really hard to calm her down. Even if this seems crazy I promise you, this has been a roadblock in the past! Better off being safe than sorry. Also, this is super easy to do.

2. Gather any sentimental items that you’d like in the photos including blankets and any gifts that you’ve received and would like to use in the photos. Make sure they’re clean and in one place. 

3. Put 1 or 2 plain white onesies aside that fit snuggly on the baby. They can be short or long sleeved but shouldn’t cover the feet. We want to see her cute little toesies!

4. If you have animals, be sure that the areas around where we will be photographing are dog/cat hair-free

5. Throw a pair of plain white sheets on your bed. I really like to photograph on beds and a plain white sheet is a perfect neural background for your family and little babe! 

6. Bathe your babe right before the session. It'll calm her down and most likely put her to sleep! Usually I start with some sleepy baby shots so it's PERFECT if I arrive and she's a-dozin'! Added bonus: newborn baby bath smell.

7. Plan enough time for YOU to get ready. The last thing you want to do is look at the photos after and LOVE your baby in every one while hating what you wore. Keep it neutral, your style and comfortable.

See, isn’t that easy? I come prepared to all of my newborn sessions with plenty of little blankets and props but always love when the photos are more personalized with your own sentimental additions!


Do you have any questions or tips to add for new moms and dads who are having a newborn session?

What did you do that was helpful during your own photo session?