Kids = Fearless Tiny People Who Think They're Giants - Using Perspective to Improve your Photography

When my nephew was around 6 months old I was hanging out with him and my brother and I had a sudden realization:

Babies are like drunk, little people.


No fear and serious balance issues. 

Seriously, they climb EVERYTHING, teeter totter around while nearly missing hitting their heads into everything, and try to put everything in their mouth. Even pebbles. Because they have no fear they don’t realize that trying to drink soap is probably not good for their health.

As my nephew grew, fear still has not deterred him from doing anything. He doesn’t care about scraped knees, he’s going to run and jump off the patio as many stinking times as he wants! Try and breakdance on concrete? Why not!? Who cares that he’s bruised when he falls or bangs his elbow?

When he’s playing super heroes he thinks he is a super hero. Seriously, he’s from Brooklyn and Captain American is from Brooklyn thus Little T = Captain America.

He’s going to save the world.

Seriously though, he will. I hope he never looses that feeling that he’s bigger than his body, I hope his fears never EVER stop him from choosing what’s right over what’s easy. 

Right now, at four, this fearless giant in a little kid body is who he is and this is how he feels. So the only thing left to do is document that.

YOU need to SHOW that your child is bigger than their body. 

If you're taking a photo of a little kid, you’d better be looking up at them or at least getting on their level. You need to show the world how THEY see themselves, not how you see them from your grown up perspective. 

Get down on THEIR level.

Make them look as big as they feel! And then share it with me over on Instagram in #TheAuthenticPortrait series where we can all learn photography and grow with each other! This week we’re going to be posting all gorgeous photos taken from a kids perspective, so come join me and don’t forget to tag your photos with #TheAuthenticPortrait!  

Example of little S looking big at her level:



Example of little S looking small from my perspective: