All Up in Your Grill || The Authentic Portrait, Photography Tips

I've realized recently that is me when I photograph. I'm up close, inside the action, as I'd joke around and say, all up in someone's grill. 

The upside? You can feel the laughter of your subjects vibrate within you. You see the tiny side glances and hidden smiles. All of a sudden you're in this very intimate moment. It's a special thing to witness, and even more special to be able to document.  

I always tell my clients when I'm getting real close.. Usually it's with a joke, I want them to know that it's OK to be real when I'm there, in fact it's encouraged! I may set up a posed shot but it's all the emotion and fun in between the poses that I'm really looking for... Sweet looks and giggles. A stolen glance. A surprise kiss.

They happen a few times a session and to get them, you need to be close, waiting, expecting them. 

So get closer, always in an unobtrusive way. Where your subject knows you're just there to document the love, and can let their barrier down. 

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