How to Choose the Perfect Outfits for Your Photo Session (For Families and Couples!) || Paris Photographer

Building “looks” (outfits) for your photo session is SO much easier than it seems. I promise!

The trick is to choose a base outfit. Ideally this is one that you can't wait to wear and feel amazing in. Maybe it's a stunning red dress you haven't yet had the occasion to wear, or perhaps your son has a darling outfit that you've just picked up. Other great options are your daughters favorite dress, your husbands flannel shirt he loves, or for a more styled approach think about renting a gorgeous dress from Rent the Runway, C'est ma Robe or heading over to Anthropologie.

So you've picked your base outfit, something that pops, what's next? Well, we build around it! Take colors in the base outfit and incorporate them into the rest. Build one outfit at a time if there are multiple people.

Example, for a couple, let's start with a red cocktail dress. A great outfit to go with the style is a blue suit with a black or red bow tie. Red and blue are complimentary colors and look great together. To add accessories (which I encourage!!) try a great watch or a statement necklace. 

For a family of four, let's say the base outfit is your daughter'a favorite white dress and cute beige leather sandals. From there we have tons of options. Hubs could wear seafoam (light blue) colored jeans with a clean fitted white tee. Imagine you in a gorgeous pink and white bohemian inspired maxi dress with a leather belt and your son in blue jeans and a checkered white and grey button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  Toss in some sperrys for your son and husband and wedges for you and we're golden! Optional accessories: lots of bracelets, a black floppy oversized sun hat, suspenders for your son, a little pink flower crown for your daughter... Remember, have fun with it! 

Styling tip: kids grow like crazy so you're always buying bigger sizes so they can wear them for longer.. When looking for outfits for your session make sure it fits perfectly NOW. Nothing is more distracting than seeing your son's underwear because his jeans won't stay up!

There are some things photoshop can't help you with and that is fitted clothing so be sure to keep that in mind while shopping! 

This is just ONE of the many great tips that I have in my comprehensive style guide given to all of my clients upon booking so be sure to book your session now to take advantage of it for your upcoming photos. My spring slots are going like wildfire and soon I'll be fully booked! If you're interested in a spring or summer session now's the time to get in touch! 

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