How to Be Happy II Paris & New York Family Photographer

It’s easy to get caught up in the million things that life brings us daily.. big things and little.. things like homework, cooking, being there for friends, trying to get everywhere on time, getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, trying our best to be good people, to be good parents, to be good friends.. Life is a lot sometimes and these above are all POSITIVE things, never mind the difficulty of living with the negative things that take up our time (I’m not going to list those, but you know what I mean..) 

It’s easy to get caught up and forget to sllllooooooowww down. 

Take a break.


Look around you and realize how lucky you are to just be together with people you love.

Of course life isn’t perfect, but that’s not the goal in life either

So this post today is just to remind you that being together is enough. Amongst all of the craziness, please don’t forget this. Tell your kids, tell your husband, tell your wife, tell your dog.. tell whoever you love, that you’re so happy in their company. 

We don’t say it or hear it enough. So, to be happy, start with gratitude and repeat after me, “Honey (or doggie, or whoever), I’m so lucky to have you in my life. I love you, and love spending time together.” 

And thats is! Spread the love. Spread the gratitude. Simple, right?