Happy Thanksgiving!

This year has brought so many wonderful gifts my way. It's important to be ready for luck but it's also important to have it once in a while. Some highlights of my year thus far that I'm so so thankful for:

Business -

Business is well, booming. It's kind of mind blowing! I work with SO many incredible families, couples and people in general. My days are filled with babies, laughter and all around happiness. I can't imagine my life without you amazing people.

On that note, my first full portrait spread/story will be coming out in the Spring for Image Magazine. I had the opportunity to work with and photograph some really incredible Irish artists and one very lovely journalist. Woohoo!

Home -

It's a year TODAY that I'm pacsed with my love. Of course there are ups and downs like in any relationship but every time that we "check in" to make sure that the other one is happy it's always a resounding yes! Sometimes I catch him just smiling and watching me work or do my makeup, it always makes me giggle and I can't not smile back. Those little moments are some of my favorites.

This year, in the world -


New York (twice, so far)


Normandy (twice)

Alsace (twice)

Bordeaux (many times)




Spain - Madrid and Tolede


and we'll be going to Rome for the new year.

Looking over this list makes me feel so incredibly lucky...

So this Thanksgiving, more than any, I'm so grateful for all of you, you guys who support me, my clients, my friends, my family, my colleagues. You guys are the ones who make this all possible. Your support, confidence and love that you show me and my work is something that drives me.

With much love and appreciation, I really thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Happy Thanksgiving,