He's Proudest in his Minion 'Big Boy' Underpants... II Paris Europe Family Photographer

Recently I was going through my stuff back at home in NY and came across my high school yearbook.. It hasn't even been 10 years since I graduated, mind you, and I was looking through all the signatures and lovely notes. I actually had to wrack my memory for who some of the people were, not even being able to recollect a single pointed memory with them.

People who I spent YEARS with.

What the.. ?

It got me thinking about how I'm documenting my own life, the everyday things happen and that I absolutely want to remember.

Like the fact that my 4-year-old nephew is proudest when he's wearing his minion underpants. And literally whenever he wears them he needs to tell everybody.

It's silly right? (And awesome because minions are the best...)

The little things. As ridiculous as they are they're what colors in the numbers of our extraordinary yet very ordinary lives.

What will you remember about your family 5 years from now? Will you remember how your little guy loved tickle monster surprises? Or about his beautiful untamed curls? How are you documenting right now?

So many tiny explosions of life happen every day. Some mundane, some worthy of looking back on.. even just to put a smile on your face.. Are you getting them all?

TICKLE ATTACK! A recent favorite father-son series of mine!

TICKLE ATTACK! A recent favorite father-son series of mine!