Who is Making Up These BS Rules? II Paris Engagement Photographer

They say not to friend your clients, to keep it a business, to not get too personal.

Who the HELL is letting these people make the "rules"?

One of the best parts of my job is getting personal, seeing those little intimate moments- his bad jokes, her sarcastic eyebrow-raises accompanied with giggles when he's making them- and documenting them.

You know what my favorite part of my sessions are? Sitting down and having a cup of coffee together. It's perfect for photos and somehow that bit of caffeine opens people right up. You learn about first dates and embarrassing nicknames, you hear about their travels around Asia and MUST-EAT recommendations for the next time I'm in NYC.

romantic and fun things to do as a couple in paris_006.jpg

Suddenly, we've crossed a personal barrier and sometimes, many times, that leads to becoming friends.

So you know what I say to "The Man" or whoever else is making up these BS rules?

Wannna grab a coffee?