What I learned from having my OWN photo session in the HEAT (With my Mama!)

I had a mama daughter photo session a few weeks ago. It was the PERFECT surprise gift for my mama when she was here visiting! I love having new experiences with her and new memories of just the two of us. Because she's so far, I cherish that alone time even more, even if it's just sitting watching a movie or walking around the city. 

Mom exploring Saint Emilion in the South West of France.

Mom exploring Saint Emilion in the South West of France.

The session landed on one of the CRAZY heatwave 100 degree days we had a few weeks ago. I was well aware of our limitations (the heat, sweating etc) and what the shoot had to include to make it fun and laid back (a stop for a fresh iced tea!). What I really wanted was a few nice portraits and a few candids.

Simple. Beautiful. Us. 

So right before leaving for the session I pulled out my intended white dress that would go PERFECTLY with my moms adorable white and green print dress, ANNDDDD it'd somehow gotten an ENORMOUS stain on the front. 




Son of a nutcracker! 

Thank goodness I had an easy backup dress, I threw it on and it worked.

But what if it hadn't.

I wasn't properly prepared and it could have caused a LOT of unwanted stress. 


Thinking about that, here are a few lessons I learned from having my own photo session on a boiling hot day in Paris. 


- Check your outfits a few days before and then the night before, make sure they're clean and free from mysterious stains. 

- Give yourself enough time to get there! We had just enough time but if there had been a delay we would have been late, rushing and sweaty.

- Bring tissues and a spray can of water if it’s hot! Thankfully I had these, they were a lifesaver and kept my makeup so it didn't get all weird and sweaty. The spray can of mist was an extra plus! 

- Have a mid shoot break. It was so refreshing and nice to cool down with iced tea at Carette in Place des Vosges. We got some gorgeous candid photos and I could treat my mom to a delectable pastry. Win-win! 

- Pack light!! For most of the shoot our photographer, Katie, had my bag so it wasn't in the photos. Knowing from being in her position as the photographer, I made sure that it was the pure essentials and nothing else. It's enough to be carrying heavy camera equipment,  I didn't want her to be carrying my entire wardrobe as well. 

All in all we had such a fun experience, we were prepared enough and weren't stressed. Now, we're just waiting on our photos with excitement!!