The Authentic Portrait: A Parent's Guide to Documenting Childhood II Family Photographer Katie Donnelly

You ever have one of those holy crap moments? The ones that should be accompanied with dramatic film music and a gasp?

Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.
Well I had one of those recently when my AMAZING graphic designer, Rachelle, sent back the first draft of my book cover saying, "By: Katie Donnelly"
Am I an author? Me, Katie. Could it really be?
And then it dawned on me, I’m holding myself back, not Playing Big à la Tara Mohr, Just like the parents that I was writing this book for.

Like you, you’re not a photographer or trying to be, you just want to do something meaningful to document your kids.

And with this book, The Authentic Portrait, I am giving YOU the tools.

This is going to be your holy crap moment.
This book is for all the parents who asked me time and time again questions like, “How do I use my camera?" "Why are my photos blurry?" "How do I get my kids to SMILE for photos?” and much MUCH more. All in one place.

Easy to read.
TONS of visual examples.
Talking about composition, aperture, shutter speed, lighting, WHAT to even take photos of, how to get your kids to SMILE! ALL THAT.
Oh, and did I mention that it is made for your iPad, iPhone and all those other nifty devices.
The stuff you ALREADY bring with you everywhere. No extra lugging. It’s LITERALLY in your pocket!
Who has time to go searching all over blogs and YouTube for hours on using their camera? Not I.  Definitely not you.

So without further ado, HERE IS MY FIRST BOOK!!

The Authentic Portrait:
A Parent’s Guide to Documenting Childhood

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AND THERE’S MORE! Now until Monday, it’s only €29 compared to the normal price of €49!

Can you smell the perfect gift?
The Authentic Portrait: A Parent's Guide for Documenting Childhood is HERE!!!!

Put your love for your kids over your fear of your fancy camera. Learn the basics of photography and capturing your kids in this 49 page book. Simply written with tons of visual examples, it's the perfect starter guide for parents who want real tangible memories of their children.