Vicki + James: The Paris Life

During their photo session I asked Vicki and James what they had been doing in Paris during their vacation and essentially their answer was, eating cheese and drinking wine. It's struck a cord in me because, honestly, that's the best part of France for me. The food. I love the Musee Rodin, the Gardens (Archives Nationales? LOVE) and beautiful parks (Parc Monceau? Buttes Chaumont? Yes, please.) but honestly, what would France be without it's incredible cuisine.

Never have I eaten cheese so creamy, smelly, moldy AND DELICIOUS as here. Got Roquefort? Or some Tomme de Brebis? Hand it over. Looking for wine? The darker, the more bordeaux the better.

I wish I could tell you that I was some sort of wine or cheese connoisseur but I can't. I can only tell you that all of it is damn good. And the highest reason on my "Reasons I like Paris" list. Besides, of course, my Frenchman.

So you could say we connected on a "spiritual" level. (pun totally intended.) However that wasn't the only thing that we chatted about. We talked about their kids, (they couldn't stop saying how awesome their kids are), and also about smiling. Now, James has a friend that simply doesn't know how to smile.... It's more of a show-all-of-your-teeth-while-looking-surprised kind of look, definitely no natural smile. OF COURSE I took advantage of this, as did James and imitated his friend cracking Vicki up (and me too). Needless to say, there was a lot of laughter along this whole session which is just the way I like it.

Vicki and James, you guys are, just, good people. It shows. I hope you guys continue cracking each other up and enjoying trips, wining and dining, and thinking your kids are the cats pajamas for countless years to come because, it's a fantastic way to be. Wishing you both nothing but good things (and a few awkward smiles). -K