The Funny Thing About Autumn - Paris Lifestyle Photographer

Autumn is a special time. I think about warm Indian summer colors, pumpkins, over-sized sweaters, new babies, snuggling in bed and of course the beautiful changing landscape that simply captivates your imagination.

I don't think I could live a season-less life, where it's constantly summer or winter. I need the evolution, the motivation of the constant transformation of the flowers and colors. It's life and life is in constant movement, progression and evolution. That's how I see autumn.

How I view the seasons is very close to how I view families. Whether it's a family of friends, a newly wedded couple or a growing family with kids.. We are always in motion, relationships changing, becoming more and less intense, growing together or growing apart.

It's constant and no one can stop that.

It's one of the things that draws me to photography and to families. The fact that we can capture the essence of relationships in these small time capsules and look back on them years later. We see the happiness and the tears. We hear the crunch of the crisp leaves and remember the high-pitched little 2 year old voice asking to see the duckies. We smell the cold air and the hot cocoa.

It's all in there.

All in the photos.

Begging to trigger a flashback to the sweet times of childhood or the honey-moon feeling of newlyweds.