Cute Baby Reveal and Family Photo Session in the Marais, Paris

On a unseasonably chilly August morning I met these four at one of my favorite cafés in the Marais, La Favorite! Warming our bellies with chocolat chaud for the littles and coffee for the less littles Naomi and Michael told the kiddies their big news, they were soon to be five! Molly responded with her sassy and excited 3 year old little voice, "I LOVE PAIN AU CHOCOLAT! (Chocolate croissant)". The reaction clearly we were all expecting. Once she digested the news though she was pretty excited about the new baby and asked if "she" was going to come today. Unfortunately for M, baby 3 wouldn't make an appearance however we could still include "her" in our photo session. Voilà, the before, after and during... Enjoy!

Last note, did you ever see these videos of parents telling their kids about being a big brother/sister? Priceless. I think this was what we were all expecting, instead it was a bit subtler. Xox