3 Gorgeous Locations for a Photo Session around the Eiffel Tower II Paris Honeymoon Photographers

Paris is a city with a million and one things at your fingertips: culture, walking, eating, touring, wine-tasting.. all amazing things to do during a weekend or a vacation here (or even better, if you’re a local!) But if this is your first time, it can be SUPER overwhelming, especially since you don’t really know the distances between the places you’d like to see. 


Coming from NY, I’m constantly comparing the two cities. Size wise, I’d compare Paris to the size of Manhattan. For trains, the metro (Paris subway number lines like the 1, 2, 3 etc.) are the same as the local subway lines in Manhattan that stop every few blocks (ex: the 6 or the 1 in Manhattan). You can pretty much walk between metro stations within 5-7 minutes. Paris RER lines (the letter lines like the RER A, B, C etc.) are the equivalent to NYC Express subway lines (the A or the 2/3 in Manhattan), and once they’re in the Paris suburbs, it’s more like the Metro North or LIRR stopping between towns and other neighboring cities. 


It probably seems complicated but really, I find the Paris metro a lot easier than the NYC subway lines as you never have crazy track work or any trains running local after 10pm. (If you’ve ever gotten home late from work in NYC to find that your express is now a local through the upper west side, you know what I’m talking about.) Everything is clearly indicated and the metro is SO much cleaner. In 5 years, I’ve seen zero rats and 1 baby mouse. You see easily 5-6 rats DAILY in your morning NYC commute. 

Okay, so back to the real reason I started this post: Around the Eiffel Tower there are beautiful and diverse locations that are SUPER easy to walk to AND They’re all ONLY about 10 minutes walking from each other. SUPER EASY!!


1. Let’s start with the Trocadero. It’s easily one of the best vistas of the Eiffel Tower. Especially if you’re planning on doing an photo session.. This is the main place where you’re going to want to head to to get an unobscured view of the tower. Here it is:



2. 10 minutes walk from the Trocadero, just over a bridge crossing the Seine, is the Champs de Mars. This is a LOVELY and vast garden around the Eiffel Tower. Here your views are stunning of the base. There are tree-lined alleys and beautiful buildings surrounding it. If you’re a runner, it’s a great location to head to in Paris because it’s always open and has dirt paths. For a photo session, it’s perfect for families with kids! You never have to worry about little ones running into the streets. A++



3. The streets around the Eiffel Tower like Avenue de Bourdonnais and Avenue de Suffren are beautiful because they are right next to the Champs de Mars, and have stunning buildings for your more casual Parisian backdrops. 


To do all of these locations we could use 1-2 hours for a session depending on how quick everyone is and if there are little kids walking! Little legs take a bit longer and tire out more quickly for sure!

If you’re living in Paris or are here for only a few days, I hope this is helpful! The Eiffel Tower area can be really beautiful throughout the 4 seasons of the year so if the ET is an absolute MUST for your photo shoot, these places are perfect for you!

- Katie

Photo Gallery Wall + Album Inspiration II How to display your portraits (So they don’t live and die on your hard drive)

If you’ve ever been to our Parisian apartment, you’ll know that we absolutely LOVE having portraits of us, our family, and our travels up on the walls as our decoration. Pyk also gave me two framed Beatles art photographs that we have above our couch that we absolutely cherish! 

It’s one of the things I love most when you walk into someone’s home is that you see who they are, what they love, and what they use to fill their home with joy. As an extremely visual person and photographer, I fill our home with photographs and other art that inspires us. We even have a framed magazine cover that my aunt gave me when I moved to France, the ticket from the bottle of wine we opened with my in-laws to celebrate our engagement, and a wall light in the form of the word, “Smile”. 

You look around and you feel us.

Over here at KDP we help our clients all the time create the PERFECT wall portraits, gallery walls and albums. We consider our job unfinished until you have something from your portrait session adorning your home or at the least, in a stunning album. 

Here are a few photographs I did recently and how we would make them come to life as art in your home. 

How do you display your photographs? Tell us in the comments!



This is 2 framed, 20x24in portraits, and 2 framed, 16x20in portraits

This is 2 framed, 20x24in portraits, and 2 framed, 16x20in portraits



This is our Legacy album, a stunning 10x10in bespoke album - The ultimate family heirloom!

This is our Legacy album, a stunning 10x10in bespoke album - The ultimate family heirloom!

P.S. These were shot for fun in Hawaii as an inspiration session, if you’re interested in an incredible local photographer in Hawaii, I’d recommend Aubrey Hord

(VIDEO) Paris Photographer, Katie Donnelly Interviewed by Kirbanu

Interviews are so revealing and intimate. I was really humbled when the incredible artist Kirbanu asked me to be a part of her artist interview series while she was passing through Paris a few months ago. 

Kirbanu and I talk about a lot of personal things here: 

  • Lots of reasons why I started family photography in the first place
  • The emotional path of entrepreneurship
  • Advice for other photographers and entrepreneurs starting out on their dreams

I feel a bit naked and vulnerable sharing a lot of intimate things with the internet, but I think honesty and transparency is so important. If you take the time to watch, thank you for letting me share a bit of me with you.  (ALERT: It’s a bit long! I can’t seem to stop talking and we literally ran out of battery at the end!). 

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the video in the comments below!

PS. if you want a laugh I kind of look like I have dinosaur arms in the video with this dress (HA!)

Want to get in touch and have your own Paris photo session with me? Get in touch here

Nominated for Best Portrait Photographer in Paris! II Katie Donnelly Photography

When I saw Katie Donnelly Photography in Expatriates Magazine and online nominated for best portrait photographer in Paris I was incredibly humbled (and still am!). Thank you to everyone for voting and if you haven't and want to cast a vote for KDP, you can head over here!

Here is a recent session that I absolutely LOVE! Enjoy!

"Show me how strong you are!"

"Show me how strong you are!"

Vote for Katie Donnelly Photography as the best portrait photographer in Paris HERE

Welcome to the Family, Valeriya! Meet KDP's New Associate Photographer!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s with so much pride and happiness that KDP is expanding and welcoming Valeriya to the team as an associate photographer!

While this is still very much a mom and pop’s operation (well, just a “mom” operation because KDP is my baby), with every new season there is new growth and expansion. I’ve been blessed with the most incredible clients (I literally cannot say that enough, you guys freaking rock my world!) and so much so, that I need help keeping up. I especially help when I’m shooting in the states and can’t be in Paris or on vacation (like during my upcoming wedding and honeymoon this summer!). Valeriya has already been here in the background helping and I think it’s time to formally introduce her in all her beauty, talent and hard work. I’m beyond excited to have her photographing for KDP this summer and hopefully in the future! 

So, along with popping some internet champagne (cheers guys!), here’s a little interview to get to know this lovely soul and one of her recent shoots. I’m beyond excited to have her on the KDP team, we are already booking shoots for her at the end of June through July and August, but if you’d like to request her specifically, just get in touch here.  




The loveliest Valeriya in all her glory!

The loveliest Valeriya in all her glory!

Describe yourself in three words:

Dreamy, silly (weird humor, I find the funny in everything), driven


What languages do you speak?

Dutch, Russian and English(and learning French!)


How did you start in photography?

I actually painted as long as I can remember, I didn't ever think I would do anything else. Until painting didn't give me the satisfaction I needed. By that I mean that I always wanted topaint exactly the thing I saw (with every little detail) but it just never ever worked out for me. (I’m just a little biiittt a perfectionist) So in the meantime I was taking photographs with my moms little pocketcamera of my BEAUTIFUL friends and landscapes and not realising that this was the solution or future passion or anything of that kind. By the age of 19 (when graduated from highschool) I had to choose what to study and I really don't know why, I chose photography (because I never tought of it as something to make a living of). And it finally gave me this satisfaction of "representing" reality with a twist, by that I mean my point of view. And I think this was one of my best choices ever. 


Tell me something you're passionate about?

Romance! And fashion, I just love clothes, all of them.


Where are your top 3 places you love going in paris?

Petit Palais is my happy place, Palais Royal and l'Orangerie with Monet's Water Lilies.


What's one thing you always recommend your clients do to prep for their shoot?

NEVER ever ever ever to put on prints on T-shirts. (Or to buy them in general :D )


What makes you happy?



Coffee or tea?

Can't live without either.


Ice cream or cake?



What's one awesome thing you love about yourself?

My skill to cook a decent meal almost out of nothing.


Welcome to the KDP family! 


Here are a few of my favorite photographs she did of Pyk and I last year:


Here is a stunning family session that V recently photographed: