The Best Place to Propose (Right Outside) Paris II Suprise Proposal Photographer in Paris

Ohhh how I LOOOOVE proposals. They're always filled with so much joy I swear I feel happy for days afterwards! L + B are the sweetest. Both a bit reserved, I made every joke in the book to try and have them relax for their portraits both before and after the proposal. I'm pretty sure it worked because LOOK AT THESE SWEET PORTRAITS! Seriously. I'm so excited to see them on their walls. Every day it'll take them back to this amazing moment.

You can actually SEE the ring box in his pocket here!! How cute is that!  GIVERNY, FRANCE SURPRISE PROPOSAL PHOTOGRAPHY, KATIE DONNELLY

You can actually SEE the ring box in his pocket here!! How cute is that!


Giverny is really the perfect place to propose. It's right outside Paris (about an hour drive or train ride) and is CONSTANTLY in bloom! The flowers are always changing there so you always have an array of colors and foliage as a stunning background. These portraits are from mid-April (to give you an idea of what you can expect around that time). If you search Giverny in the search box on the sidebar you'll see other sessions and proposals I've done there at different times.


I always say, there are two ways to do a surprise proposal, we can meet somewhere and I'll be photographing around "like a tourist" and then capture your proposal secretly followed by an engagement session.


Tell your future fiancé that you organized a photo session (or was gifted one by a family member/friend) and propose during the session. This is my preferred way because then it gives your future fiancé a heads up to prep what they want to wear in the portraits and make sure they look nice! AND you don't have to create a weird reason to be at a certain place, at a specific time per the first one.

I've done them both ways and have a 100% success rate (ha!) so even though I have a preference, you're the one in control.


L+B,  Thank you for your trust and being absolute sweethearts. I cannot wait until life crosses our paths again!


If you'd like to get more info on proposals or to reserve a session with me, please get in touch here!

A Love Affair With Paris II Paris Lifestyle Photographer

Paris is one of those cities that people seem to fall in love with. They dream about it, they come back over and over again.. Maybe it's the piping hot croissants or the city's stunning architecture that pulls them in, but it's without a doubt a city of dreams. 

When I met beautiful Caroline, she told me about how Paris changed her life, and each time she comes back, it's like a homecoming. It was so important to me to make portraits of her in places she loves and feels her best in.. where her personality can come alive, where she can look back in 30 years and feel the same joy and peace in her heart. 

We spent about two hours walking around the 6th, talking, and enjoying her favorite places. What I love so much about these portraits are a sense of discovery yet peace. She's home yet there's still wonder there. 


This was absolutely one of my FAVORITE sessions from last spring!! Have you done solo portraits before? What was your experience like? Please comment below! If you'd like to book a session like this, please contact us HERE. 

3 Gorgeous Locations for a Photo Session around the Eiffel Tower II Paris Honeymoon Photographers

Paris is a city with a million and one things at your fingertips: culture, walking, eating, touring, wine-tasting.. all amazing things to do during a weekend or a vacation here (or even better, if you’re a local!) But if this is your first time, it can be SUPER overwhelming, especially since you don’t really know the distances between the places you’d like to see. 


Coming from NY, I’m constantly comparing the two cities. Size wise, I’d compare Paris to the size of Manhattan. For trains, the metro (Paris subway number lines like the 1, 2, 3 etc.) are the same as the local subway lines in Manhattan that stop every few blocks (ex: the 6 or the 1 in Manhattan). You can pretty much walk between metro stations within 5-7 minutes. Paris RER lines (the letter lines like the RER A, B, C etc.) are the equivalent to NYC Express subway lines (the A or the 2/3 in Manhattan), and once they’re in the Paris suburbs, it’s more like the Metro North or LIRR stopping between towns and other neighboring cities. 


It probably seems complicated but really, I find the Paris metro a lot easier than the NYC subway lines as you never have crazy track work or any trains running local after 10pm. (If you’ve ever gotten home late from work in NYC to find that your express is now a local through the upper west side, you know what I’m talking about.) Everything is clearly indicated and the metro is SO much cleaner. In 5 years, I’ve seen zero rats and 1 baby mouse. You see easily 5-6 rats DAILY in your morning NYC commute. 

Okay, so back to the real reason I started this post: Around the Eiffel Tower there are beautiful and diverse locations that are SUPER easy to walk to AND They’re all ONLY about 10 minutes walking from each other. SUPER EASY!!


1. Let’s start with the Trocadero. It’s easily one of the best vistas of the Eiffel Tower. Especially if you’re planning on doing an photo session.. This is the main place where you’re going to want to head to to get an unobscured view of the tower. Here it is:



2. 10 minutes walk from the Trocadero, just over a bridge crossing the Seine, is the Champs de Mars. This is a LOVELY and vast garden around the Eiffel Tower. Here your views are stunning of the base. There are tree-lined alleys and beautiful buildings surrounding it. If you’re a runner, it’s a great location to head to in Paris because it’s always open and has dirt paths. For a photo session, it’s perfect for families with kids! You never have to worry about little ones running into the streets. A++



3. The streets around the Eiffel Tower like Avenue de Bourdonnais and Avenue de Suffren are beautiful because they are right next to the Champs de Mars, and have stunning buildings for your more casual Parisian backdrops. 


To do all of these locations we could use 1-2 hours for a session depending on how quick everyone is and if there are little kids walking! Little legs take a bit longer and tire out more quickly for sure!

If you’re living in Paris or are here for only a few days, I hope this is helpful! The Eiffel Tower area can be really beautiful throughout the 4 seasons of the year so if the ET is an absolute MUST for your photo shoot, these places are perfect for you!

- Katie

It’s Not Where We Go, It’s Who We’re With II Paris Honeymoon Photographer, Katie Donnelly Photography

Their honeymoon was simple: a few days in Paris, and a few days in Disneyland.

Places that they loved and made them happy.

So often we search for the craziest adventure, or the most epic journey, when it’s right in front of us. It’s not where we go that makes something incredible, it’s the people we’re with, and the memories we get out of it.

Simple happiness can be found wherever you look, but most often I find, it’s wherever the people you love are. 


3, Gallery Framed 11X14in Portraits over a mantle


A Winter Engagement Session in Paris II Portrait Photographer, Katie Donnelly

Sometimes last minute meetings are the most serendipitous, don’t you think? The beautiful Vaishali and her fiancé Amit contacted me on a last minute idea of having their engagement portraits done in Paris. 

It worked out perfectly with our schedules and the weather! Little would you know but as we took the last portraits and enjoyed a café together to warm up, the rain began to fall. 

Lucky lucky us =)

I’m so excited of what they chose for their wall! It’s our New York wall collection that we just introduced. A 3 gorgeous art pieces: 


Here’s the rest of some of their favorites! I feel so honored to document these once in a lifetime memories. Being engaged is such a special time. To be able to share their love and happiness with their families and their future kids is a wonderful thing. Thank you so much for giving me this honor, Amit and Vaishali!!