This is Why Your Two-Year-Old doesn't "Smile" for the Camera (And how to get them to do it!) - Paris Family Portraits

I wish I could say that every child I've ever met has been 100% comfortable with me at once upon meeting.. but it's just not true. Most of the time little kids under 2.5 don't really understand why they're meeting this new person and assume I'm the baby sitter and their parents are leaving.

Right at the beginning I always reassure all the kids that mom and dad aren't going ANYWHERE and that i'm just here to hang out with them and play some games. I like to start with the whole family to show the kids that mom and dad are sticking around and aren't about to disappear...

This session was no different! The little one was so nervous at first and didn't really trust me, so what did we do? start with family photos and do some swinging and jumping around.. all of a sudden this little flower bud blossomed like the most beautiful peony and we had the BEST time together. And all we had to do was play.

It's the trick to getting great portraits with littles.. You can't expect them to sit and smile, it's just not how they work, you have to give them a reason to hang out with you and smile!

Here are a few fun things that I LOVE adding into sessions:

- Bubbles

- Balloons

- picnics

- running races

- jumping