Spring/Fall Photo Session Outfit Inspiration at the Eiffel Tower (And the cutest family!!) II Family Photographer in Paris, Katie Donnelly

Spring is here my friend (I say that as I can still see my breath in the air in the early AM, HA!) and it's time to start thinking about booking your spring and summer photo sessions and what to wear to them. With kids, especially littles, they have to be warm to be comfortable and having a good time. To make sure they're warm, and still super cute, I recommend lots of layers and to bring blankets or scarves to wrap around you guys! It's a really cute addition to the photos and brings in a bit of color if your outfits are less-colorful.

Here is a session from this fall that was PERFECT! The outfits didn't cover anyone (notice that the little guy doesn't have any collars so they can't get in front of his face when he's squirming around) and everyone was cute and warm enough. Vests are great for this as well as items that you can easily take on and off like hats and scarves! Here below are some of my favorite pieces to inspire you (and to shop if you really love them!!)