Mother Daughter Session in Madrid with Mimosa Lane (Real Jardin Botanico, El Prado and Parque de El Retiro)

Mama daughter photos with these two are something that I look forward to every year. Last year we headed to London, the year before, I met them in Paris. It seemed only fitting that I meet them this year in Madrid! It was hot. Like, knee-sweatingly hot. So we headed first to the gorgeous refuge of the Real Jardín Botánico to grab some green shade and of course take advantage of the gorgeous fountains and huge variety of stunning (but does stunning really even cover the beauty this garden?) scenery. Pebbled alleyways and sun streaming through the trees, glazing the flora and fauna with it's golden sugar.. it's hard to capture such beauty, and when you're in it, impossible to soak it all in.

This photo below is one of my absolute FAVORITE photos I've ever taken of a mother and daughter. There are few things in life as special as a bond between a mother and her daughter (This goes for all types of "Moms": Moms who are family friends, Moms who are teachers, Moms who grew their babies or not.) 

Maybe because I feel it so deeply with mine: That love, that awe, that feeling that I could not, in a million years have gotten luckier with my Mom. She's my angel.

And this picture below is that. You see the admiration, the love, the absolute bond between them. You see that her mom is her role model and how she adores her mom's confidence and character. Nothing on this earth is stronger than a love like this.

After the Jardín Botánico, we wanted to take some photos with the Prado museum. This is their neighborhood when they're "home" in Madrid. We grabbed one at the back and then headed over to the side where Albertina saw this statue and we had to take one there.

Girl Power.

We finished off our mama daughter photo session (sweaty but happy) heading to the Parque de El Retiro. We could have spent our entire session in there between the Crystal Palace and the expanse of gorgeous lawns and gardens. We only took off the tiniest little bite due to the heat but I can't wait to head back there and do a whole session in the park. It reminded me of Central Park in NYC with all the different areas and little gems you easily stumble upon just roaming.