Family Sunday Dinner: Let's make our own! - Newsletter Launch

My dear friends,

Family, to me, is the most important thing that you have in life. Whether it be in the traditional sense or the people you accumulate over your life that encourage you, teach you, love you and make your life better, that's family to me. Essentially it's that village of people who are crazy about you. 

I'm the first one to say that I've never had too many friends in my life, that I always was best friends with my family.. But I think in actuality it's that my friends have always turned into family related or not.

I think that comes out in my daily life choices, it's why I'm crazy about photographing families and love. In falling in love with someone, you're choosing to take them into the deepest parts of your heart and make them your family. It's the ultimate form of friendship and it's beautiful.

Capturing and documenting that for people, THAT'S THE DREAM!

I've decided that with you, my dear clients and friends, I want to make us more of a family and to share more love with you! Sporadically I'll be sharing sessions that I love, ideas for photography sessions, photography tips, life + style ideas, fun things I've found that I love, AND of course a promotion here or there! (Really who doesn't love a good deal!?)

I hope you join along! Be a contributor and send over stuff that maybe you would like to share with the KDP family.. like the info for a great expo that you've seen or easy hair styling ideas for a photo session. I love sharing so let's make this like Sunday night family dinner - everyone brings something to make it better. 

Thanks for coming along!  You guys put so much happiness in my life, and now it is time to return the love!

Chat soon,


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