The Journey of a Micro Preemie to Paris II Paris Family Photographer

I feel that I can't begin to explain the miracle story of little Briella, born a 23 week preemie and how she survived and is now almost 2 years old. For that, go ahead to the blog Briella's Journey and try not to read every post, or cry...

To sum up how I met Stacy and her family is easy, however. She found my family photography work on pinterest and in her sign off email was the link to her blog. I was instantly floored by the story of how they became a family of four and that this would be B's first time out of the house SINCE BIRTH! And they were coming to France! To visit and meet their family in the countryside and spend some time in Paris. Incredible.

Here is their beautiful and healthy family of four in the Jardin du Luxembourg. Meeting them and hearing first hand their story has definitely been one of the most memorable experiences so far in my career.