Angelique, Fiachra & co. - Paris Lifestyle Family Photo Session in the Marais

Family photo sessions are the favorite part of my job. I love that in two hours you become a kid again, playing, laughing, jumping on the bed, having twirling contests..


Back in April I spent a morning with this sweet family of four. It was such a beautiful experience to enter their world for a few hours, instantly I could see the love that envelopes their household. Everything they do is with patience, with smiles on their faces and the intent to teach different little lessons. There was one point where their 4 year old was making silly faces at the camera, they immediately said "Oh wow, look at that grimace! I think that's the best one you've ever done!" And instantly little 4 was proud of herself, giggled and didn't make any more faces. Positive, calm encouragement. Talk about good parenting!

Anyways, here they are, the sweet Angelique, Fiachra and their beautiful girls!


After spending some time inside we thought it'd be great to explore one of the gorgeous parks just around the corner from Chez eux (Their house).