How did we get here? II Paris Photographer


When I first told my mom that I was moving to Europe I got a smile, a hug and then, "I know babydoll, you already told me.". It was both comforting to know I had her full support as well as amusing to see that she knew in her heart even before I had broke the "official" news. The truth is that 7 years prior during my first trip to Europe I had told her, "Mama, one day I'm going to tell you that I'm moving here and it could be for 6 months or perhaps a lifetime but just know that the day will come." During that first trip Italy enchanted me: the succulent flavors, the beautiful people, the music of the language, the seductive culture.. I couldn't get enough. From that point on my one goal was to somehow get back there and make that my life.

Flash forward 6 years, I've met a french rugby man in new York City through a close friend and we've started dating. Visas end, transatlantic tickets are bought and used from both sides of the ocean and what was a teenage dream grows slowly but surely from an option to my new reality. While my first choice was Rome and Italian, Paris and French would have to suffice.. And so I move. And it's absolutely brilliant.


The reason I'm telling you this is because this sweet family that I photographed had the dream and lived it too. I felt so connected to how they had experienced Italy. Moving there with a few phrases, their own company and a dream, they lived in Italy for a few years, learned the language and are now moving back to the USA with a new addition to the family and another adventure lived. It was also so beautifully refreshing to hear a few words of Italian spoken among the French that has become my quotidian.


I love that the people with whom I work with are out living their day to day adventure just like me. I fell in love with photography by falling first in love with people and their stories. Sharing these stories are what makes us more open, aware and human. Meeting and becoming a small part of documenting the adventure for good people like these guys are what makes it all worth it.