The 5 Secrets to Having the Perfect Photo Session!

So you want to have an amazing photo shoot? Great! Right there is the number one most important thing: Attitude. To get anything good you’ve got to want it. To get the most out of your photo session you’ve got to put yourself and your family in the right mind-set.

How do you do that you ask? Here are some great tips:


1) Get psyched by talking. If you have little kids or are planning on having a couple’s session be sure to talk about it beforehand! Prepare yourself and anyone else who will be in the photos mentally for what’s about to come. When people know what to expect, everything goes smoothly. So TALK.

Some great questions for kids to get them excited:

a)    Have you decided on any fun things that you want to do for the photos? (Think: Jumping, fun faces, dancing, twirling, running etc.)

b)   Do you want to bring any props to have in the photos? (Think: favorite teddy bear, bubbles, balloons etc.)

c)    Are there any places YOU want to go during the photo session? (Think: to the carousel, to get ice cream, to your favorite street, to the flower shop, to the park, to your favorite café etc.)


2) Plan to visit your favorite spots during the photo session. When you’re getting photos done of your family you want to be sure that they are as memorable as possible! So be sure to plan with your photographer to visit places that are important to you. 


3) Talk to your photographer and share ALL of your ideas! There is one person who should be in the loop at all times other than those in the photos and this is the photographer. Unfortunately there is no technology out there (yet) to actually read minds so it’s SO INSANELY IMPORTANT that you tell us all of your ideas and wishes!

For my own clients I know that I make all of your needs and wants number one and am always trying to get everything that you want and more. However, if all of a sudden at the last minute at the end of the photo session you want 10 more locations, sometimes it simply isn’t possible. That’s why it’s so important to have a plan before, there will always be room for flexibility but in the beginning to have a base is imperative.



4) Dress yourself accordingly. I always say, “Casual yet put together”. I’m not saying to walk into JCREW and buy the whole store (I mean if you would like to, go for it…) but be sure to try and look nice. Everyone should go together color wise however no one should look like “twins”. Pick a color scheme like blue and pink, grey and yellow, or orange and navy and have everyone dress around that while throwing in shades as well like white, and grey. Put in that little bit of extra effort and I PROMISE you, you will be so much happier with the result! So don’t forget to blow out your hair, throw on that mascara, polish your shoes or de-lint your coat!


5) RELAX and have a darn good time! Remember that while you’re in front of the camera you should also be having fun! So please, make jokes, give kisses and laugh! I’ll be there guiding you along the way and making it a great experience however if you’re not letting yourself have a good time it will definitely show in the photographs. Your photo session will be two hours out of your day and doesn’t happen often which makes the time and the product that much more special. Your photo session is an experience with a fabulous product afterwards: Memories, caught in time. Memories cannot be recreated or relived so cherish these moments in front of the camera as you will cherish the photographs afterwards!