Paris Family Photographer II The Eiffel Tower & Champs de Mars with Julian and Max

The first time that I walked into Julien and Max's house I was greeted with huge hugs from the kids, kisses from the dogs, and squeals of delight and shouting, "Are you our photographer!?!!!". I'm not sure that I've ever had such a welcoming enterance into a home in my life! I mean, even my mom doesn't seem to get that excited anymore when I come home from living half a world away. NEEDLESS TO SAY, I was instantly stoked and excited. The beginning of the session turned out to be the perfect introduction to two of the most adorable and totally cool little boys I've ever had the honor of meeting.

We did tons of running, tons of jumping, lots of star wars poses and by the end of our session I had gained lots of jedi knowledge as well as a bit of insight into the romantic lives of 3 and 5 year-old boys in Paris... so sorry ladies, the cutest kids in town are already taken!

The purpose of this session was to document the realtionship between these two brothers before number 3 enters the mix in exactly one month from today! You tell me, but I think that these photos pretty much sum up what it's like to be little boys and best friends with your brother.