Monday, Monday

And here we are, weeks later from my last musings on Paris and life... how did this happen? It's been a whirlwind end of summer and beginning of autumn... a beautiful transition from beachy hair to booties, well it's been that way at least for me. Lots of things have happened, I've been back to the USA for a 3 week stink that proved to be so exhausting that I slept through taking off to come back to Paris all the way until we were about to land. I passed over an ocean and didn't even know. I came back and was greeted with smiling faces, kisses and of course a few glasses of wine. I came back yet another time with more realizations. I think maybe that is what the first quarter century of your life is about, asking yourself questions and finding the answers.

How the hell do I know if what I'm doing is right? What's the best next step?

I think everyone's answers are as different as their DNA. Mine come to me like all my "great" ideas, right before I fall asleep. That Thursday night in NYC, coming back home to Paris, I had a few more answers. How the hell do I know if what I'm doing is right?? Well, Katie, what part of following your heart is wrong? NO part. I had just spent 3 weeks on an emotional rollercoaster of spending time with my favorite people on this earth. My family. And then all of a sudden I felt Paris pulling me back. I realized this when I landed and New York somehow didn't feel like home anymore. Don't get me wrong, I love my city and spending time there yet I couldn't shake the yearn to speak French. I regained my New York accent quickly enough but I secretly searched for the everyday sound of the French accent.

What's the next best step? Water the part of your heart that will always be at home with your loved ones but don't forget to take the rest of your heart and fly. Go back home. To your new home. To your real life. Keep believing in yourself. Keep investing in yourself through education. And keep waking up and looking forward to the day. You're doing something right if your stress is replaced by motivation. Keep going. Keep the path and if you come to a point where you realize that the path and your heart aren't aligned anymore, change. Veer off course onto the next adventure.

It's important to keep in touch with yourself. Monday's are for checklists, to asses what's going on with you this week. What do you have to do, what have you already done. Make your to-do list and put something on that you've already done. Then cross it off. Now, you're started!

Happy Monday everyone. Keep riding the path, keep following your heart, keep talking to yourself (even if it keeps you up a little later than you would like), and keep moving forward. Monday means you have the week to progress. Do it.